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Debt Settlement Arrangement (DSA).

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Debt Settlement

A Debt Settlement Arrangement is a formal agreement that helps you deal with your debts and offers you one manageable payment.

What we can do for you:

  • Provide home visits directly with the experts!

  • Remove the stress and worry of creditors!

  • Restructure debts into one affordable monthly payment

  • Guide you through the process!

  • Get Debt written off!

  • No obligation confidential advice on your debts.

Debt Settlement Arrangement

The process

Get Advice

Contact one of our PIPS to discuss your situation. We will see if a DSA is your best option. All of advice is free, without obligation and confidential.


Our PIP submits your application to the ISI and court. If happy they will grant your protective certificate. Your PIP then drafts your proposal for your creditors.

Creditor Voting

Your proposal is sent to your creditors for voting. At least 65% of the creditors (by debt value) must vote in favour of the proposal for it to be approved.

DSA Approved

Once approved your DSA becomes legally binding and payments start. We will manage your arrangement for the term.


When complete, you will be discharged from your debts. Any outstanding balances will be written off and you are Debt Free.

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