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UHY Insolvency negotiates and deals with all types of Personal Debts.

“We will come to you either in the comfort of your home or a place that suits you."

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UHY Personal and Corporate Insolvency Solutions Limited.

Being in debt is extremely stressful and we pride ourselves on providing a simple and warm approach to dealing with your debt issues and getting a successful negotiation.

We have almost a 90% negotiation success rate over the past number of years. We can help protect your home, stop repossession proceedings, and stop your creditors seeking payments you can’t afford.

PIA: Personal Insolvency Arrangement

DSA: Debt Settlement Arrangement

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*We guarantee a professional and confidential service. We offer no-obligation advice to help you regain control of personal or business-related debt issues. If you are struggling with your debts and want to know what options are available to you, please contact our Insolvency experts on 1800 987 913

What does a Personal Insolvency practitioner do?

  • We negotiate and agree affordable debt payments for our customers with their creditors and we guide them through the insolvency process.

  • Our negotiation results in creditors agreeing to new affordable payments for home mortgages, we can often freeze interest and charges and in most cases creditors may agree to write off of debt. 

  • We can explain the legal consequences of not dealing with your debt.

  • Throughout the term of their arrangement, our customers have access to a personal advisor for ongoing advice.

  • We HELP eliminate the stress of debt for you and your family.

  • We specialise in dealing with all forms of debt such as: loss of job, business failure, reduction in household income, relationship breakdown, poor money management, or accident and illness. 

Debts with a mortgage

PIA & Abhaile Scheme

You qualify for the Abhaile scheme voucher of €500 per person if you are:

  • insolvent

  • in mortgage arrears on his or her principal private residence (as defined in the PI Act), and

  • at risk of losing their principal private residence: for example, if s/he has received from the mortgage lender repossession proceedings, a letter indicating that such proceedings will issue, a letter indicating that s/he is deemed non-cooperating, or an invitation to consider sale, surrender or other loss of all or part of the home.


We can apply for this voucher and advise you on the scheme.

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